DUPLAST story begins in the 50’s of last century, when one of the earliest glassworks of the south of Italy was set in Ottaviano (Naples), followed in the 60’s by the second plant in Gioia del Colle. Later, the Duraccio Bros., founders of the two plants, decided to join their efforts in the company VEBAD SpA, specialized in the manufacture of bottle packaging. At the end of the 60’s the Duraccio Bros. were ready to further widening VEBAD’s production, by joining the field of plastics moulding, namely the moulding of agriculture crates. The renewed success brought to the establishing of DUPLAST srl in 1992, specialized in the moulding of agricultural and industrial crates, garden accessories and house ware. In 2003 DUPLAST srl became DUPLAST SpA. Year by year DUPLAST SpA aimed to improve and enlarge each production line with a full range of products

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