Whether private or professional environment, the glass used, its nature and sophistication usually draw everyone's attention. Varied glass concepts are the result. They leave nothing to be desired, neither in the upscale restaurants still in private households. Our market segments at a glance Wine & Dine Represents the gastronomy and the private, stylishly set table. Wine connoisseur-ship requires high quality lenses, the restaurant at home. Are addressed here ambitious restaurateurs and sophisticated connoisseur. Bar one hand classical bars and gay bars, on the other hand the private consumption of spirits and mixed drinks: The diversity of drinks demands qualitatively excellent special glasses. Party & Event of high-efficiency business of catering to the organization of private parties. Sound quality is necessary in order to minimize glass breakage. In the private sector it is also important to introduce young people to the issue of equitable quality beverage glasses. Living & Interior Includes decorative items in the hospitality area of restaurants, in the reception and spa facilities of hotels, as well as in the privacy. The aim is to deal with refined design products of glass accents positive differentiation and staging.

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