Bar & Wine Accessories

OK Home offers a wide selection of bar and wine accessories, from decanters to bottle opener. Whether for restaurant industry, for home use or for a gift, you can find a selection of bar accessories.

Corkscrews & Openers

Whether for those in the restaurant industry or for home use, OK Home offers are variety of traditional and sophisticated corkscrews and bottle openers.


Wine Racks

OK Home offers both free standing and wall mounted attractive wine racks that can hold virtually all standard size wine bottles.


Buckets & Coolers

Having a wine cooler will guarantee to come in handy at home, especially when keeping your bottles cool. Select from our selection of transparent and minimalist design to more modern and elaborate. OK Home's range of buckets and coolers will add an edge to your evenings of entertaining.


Bar & Wine Glasses

OK Home offers a selection of bar and wine glasses made of glass, semi-crystal or crystal. Luxurious yet practical, we have pieces which are suitable for everyday use and add a touch of sophistication to your dining.


Bottle Stoppers

OK Home offers a selection of bottle stoppers of different materials, including chrome, rubber and glass.


Other Bar & Wine Accessories

Everything that you would need related to barware and wine accessories can be found at OK Home.