Laundry Baskets & Bins

Banish waste, wet towels and soggy mats! A bathroom corner is the ideal place for a smart laundry basket or compact bin. Come see OK Home's vast range of wicket and plastic laundry baskets and bins that suits your style.

Wicker Laundry Bins

OK Home has a variety of wicker baskets. Wicker laundry bins are available in different styles, colours and sizes.


Plastic Rattan Laundry Bins

Our range of laundry bins is also available in plastic. At OK Home one can find the traditional rectangular laundry bin as well as round bins which are available in a rainbow of colours to suit your bathroom colour.


Laundry Baskets

A large variety of colourful and different sizes of laundry baskets are available at OK Home. From oval to rectangular baskets, you can find the ideal size that you require.