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Bio-Climatic Pergolas

Bio-Climatic Pergolas

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Smart roof systems alongside with being equipped with advanced technology, offer sophisticated architectural and aesthetic solutions to outdoor spaces. 

Thanks to the movable and foldable aluminum solar shading panels, smart roof system offers comfort in the different weather conditions at all seasons.
With the remote control, one of the hidden coils on the surface of the panes that rotate around the axis prevents the dust or water from accumulating on
the product from entering during opening.Thanks to heat and water insulation, it offers high performance for all seasons. With aluminum panels and
stainless steel connection systems, it is resistant to harsh air conditions and is high quality construction.

  • The system consists entirely of aluminum profiles.
  • These aluminum fins used in the system ceiling are resistant to 50 cm snow load thanks to their special forms.
  • Used aluminum profiles can be painted to all colors in the RAL color chart. Our electrostatic powder coating facility is within our own structure.
  • The rails carrying the aluminum automatic ceiling system are specially designed and have dimensions of 145 × 134 cm.
  • -Unlike other winter garden systems, the system can be produced with a flat view by applying a 5% angle.
  • It works with a water discharge logic. The precipitation on the aluminum panels is transferred to the main stream profile thanks to the stream on the panels and is discharged from the main stream profile to the outside area. It is guaranteed against water intake.
  • The linear led system used in the system is Samsung brand. LED applications of any color can be made, as well as a dimmer for lighting.
  • The system carries out movements with European engines.
  • The system is installed without the need for a carrier steel construction.
  • The system can work in any unbalanced environment as well as leveling itself thanks to its carrier legs.
  • All profiles and accessories used are stainless.
  • The spare parts of the system are guaranteed for 2 years. (Except for the problems arising from usage.)
  • European engines used in the system are covered by a 5-year warranty.