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Apart from supplying a wide range of products, OK Home prides itself in providing a wide variety of services which are requisite when renovating a new space.
Read on to see what OK Home can do for you.


OK Home as a long history of designing and supplying lighting setups for a great variety of scenarios and settings. The following are some ways our team can assist you and your project.

Lighting Site Survey

A lighting site survey may be carried out both on an existing or a new space.

In the case of an existing space where the client feels that the current setup doesn’t properly serve the area, one of our lighting consultants can do a site visit so as to measure the current lux levels, assess the situation and then recommend possible solutions that would provide the necessary lighting for the space.

In the case of new sites, be it Residential or Commercial, one of our lighting consultants can do a site visit, on which occasion they will also get the brief from the client regarding what it is they would like to achieve with the lighting as well as get an idea of any style that is desired. The consultant will then return with a proposal entailing what lights may be used, a recommended setup and also in some cases suggest where the electrical points should go. Should the client wish, the whole plan may be turned into a full lighting design plotted on ACAD.

Lighting site survey

Lighting Layout Design

Certain layouts require more than your average effort in order for the lighting to be appropriate. In such cases at the clients agreement we proceed with the creation of a lighting layout design. One of our lighting consultants meets with the client to discuss the layout of the area as well as the furniture that is intended to be placed, as well as gather an ACAD plan layout. With all this in hand, a full lighting layout may be plotted using Auto Cad, which allows the client to more easily visualise how the space will look once it is complete.

Lighting Layout Design

Dialux Calculations

For any project where the light intensity is of the utmost importance, we have tools at our disposal to measure the exact lux levels with a specialised light intensity calculation program. Be it an office space, an important façade, a museum or a commercial outlet, we can take the information we gather and feed it into our simulation tools to calculate the exact amount of light produced with a specific layout and specific light fixtures. By doing so we can further tweak the setup to obtain the optimal results desired.

Dialux Calculations


Apart from very specific services when it comes to lighting, OK Home has partnered many times, either with the client or interior designer firms to work together to bring a project together efficiently and effectively, taking care to balance proper delivery times, quality and cost.

Acquistion Co-Ordination

OK Home has been serving the needs of the hospitality sector for more than 30 years. Over the years, we have provided holistic packages for restaurants, hotels, lidos and anything in between. We assist in the selection and supply of lights, switches, indoor and outdoor tables as well chairs, sofas, air-conditioning, pergolas and awnings, bedrooms, glassware, branded cups, towels, plates and more.


Setup a Meeting

Is there something you think we can assist you in?
You can setup a meeting to further discuss how we can help you by sending an email to projects@okgroup.com.mt or reach us by phone on +356 21 343 865/6.
We can set a meeting at our project office at OK Home, Pantar Road, Lija. Alternatively, a site visit can take place at your request.