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OK HOME - Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny files that are stored on your computer when you a visit a website. They allow a website to personalise the visitor's experience.
The following is a list of cookies used on this website.

Our Website

These cookies are essential for the running of the OK Home website.

Cookie Function
ASP.NET_SessionId Cookie used to track an individual session with the website.
CookiePolicyAccepted Cookie that tracks if the user has accepted the cookie policy upon entering the website.
ShoppingCartGUID Cookie that tracks a shopping cart the visitor is putting items in.
WishlistGUID Cookie that tracks a wishlist the visitor is putting items in.

Third Party

These third parties help us to make the site better for you by giving us anonymous usage information and power our advertising efforts.

Cookie Function
Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides us with anonymous usage statistics of the website which allows us to improve the website for the visitor.

If you are not interested in anonymous usage statistics being taken about you, you may use this Chrome Browser Extension to prevent all websites from gathering such information about you.

Facebook Allows us to track if you have arrived on our website through a Facebook post or advert and tracks that anonymously.
Google Ads Allows us to track if you have arrived on our website through a Google Ad and tracks that anonymously.


Our developers make sure to keep up-to-date with security updates such that all information shared between the visitor and the website is kept encrypted and secured.