OK Home Services

OK Home supplies a full range of services to cater for all manner of lighting needs. Please check through the following options to find out how we may help you.

Lighting Site Survey

This can be for both Existing Spaces or New ones.

If for example there is an office space where one feels that the amount of light is not adequate or would simply like to upgrade & have a fresh design. One of our lighting consultants can come on site, measure the current lux level, take note of the space and come up with possible solutions to increase the lux level to the recommended norms for offices.

When it comes to new sites, be it Residential or Commercial, one of our lighting consultants can come on site, get a brief from the client on what would like to be achieved with lighting. The consultant can then suggest were the electrical points need to be and also get back to the client with a proposal for lights which can be used. This can also be taken a step further were a full lighting design is plotted on ACAD.

Lighting Layout Design

Once an ACAD plan is provided, one of our lighting consultants can meet the client to discuss the furniture layout and what desired effect is to achieved with lighting. Afterwards the full lighting layout can be plotted on Auto Cad.

Switches & Socket Layouts

Switches & sockets layouts can also be designed, including lighting layouts and marked circuits for every switch.

Dialux Calculations

For any project where the light intensity is of the utmost importance, we can calculate the exact lux levels with a specialised light intensity calculation program. Be it an office space, an important façade, a museum or commercial outlet, we can input the lighting files of the light fixtures we propose to be used and calculate the exact amount of light produced with a specific layout and specific light fixtures. By doing so we can further tweak the setup to obtain the optimal results desired.

Wall Paper Installation

We supply a modern & fresh range of wall paper from two main brands. We also take care of installation.


We have been serving the hospitality sector for more than 30 years. We can provide a holistic package for restaurants, hotels, lidos & more. We may also assist in the selection and supply of lights, switches, indoor & outdoor tables & chairs, sofas, air-conditioning, pergolas & awnings, bedrooms, glassware, branded cups, towels, plates & more.

Setup a Meeting

If you would like to set up a meeting to further discuss our services, kindly send an email on info@okhome.com.mt or reach us by phone on Tel: +356 21 343 865/6. We can set a meeting at our project office in Rue D’Argens Gzira, or arrange a site vist or at clients place of choice.