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Premium 6 Wine Glass 60cl (Box of 6)

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Premium is the timeless and complete collection created with the exclusive collaboration of AIS, the Italian Association of Sommeliers, that follows the golden rule of ?"A glass for each wine". The finest AIS experts designed the line, associating a specific shape and design to each type of wine and distilled beverage. The line's "profile of excellence" is enhanced by use of innovative Star Glass, the perfect clarity and neutral colour of which favour excellent visual perception of wine.

  • Wine Glass
  • 60cl or 20 1/4oz
  • H 238mm
  • D 95mm

  • Laser Cutting: For thin rims that enhance the perception of wine qualities and elevate the tasting experience.
  • Reduced Thickness: Excellent distribution of glass around the brim and along the sides.
  • Star Glass: Bormioli Rocco's innovative and exclusive chemical composition that produces an ultra-clear, highly transparent glass.
  • Pulled Stem: A particular process whereby the stem is pulled from the same gob of molten glass as the bowl ensures elegant shapes, ultra-high strength and flexibility.
  • In partnership with the Italian Association of Sommeliers.