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V-TAC VT-2408 RGB+W signal amplifier for 12 / 24V LED strips. It allows the management, with a single rgb controller (not included), of led strips longer than 5 meters. Exceeded 5 meters, to be able to continue to use a single controller, it is necessary to insert a signal amplifier, with relative power supply suitable for the amperage of the strip.

This amplifier has a Voltage of 12-24V, a maximum output voltage of 12A and connects with the LED strip via screw terminals. To be able to use it, you need a power supply (not included) that can also be connected to the amplifier via Jack 2.1 Plug & Play.

  • Voltage: 12 / 24V (power supply not included).
  • Output voltage: 12 A (max.)
  • Output: 3 channels
  • Connection Type: Screw Terminals - Jack 2.1 Plug & Play.
  • Size: 150x25x65mm
  • Weight: 100g